Warford Designs Custom Branded WordPress Themes

Let Warford Designs create you a WordPress theme that is customized to your liking.

From social media blog sites, to complete business representation, WordPress has became an open source content management system that deserves its recognition as one of the best and most used open source cms solutions online today.

 WordPress Integrated Custom Branded Website Themes

We will integrate your:

  • Brand Logo
  • Company Colours
  • Social Media Services
  • Code Based SEO
  • PayPal eCommerce
  • Custom Admin Designs

as well as any other personal touches you see fit to fully customize your online presence in order to represent your Brand to your target market in a professional yet inviting manner.

Why Choose WordPress For Your Website?

Ease of Use

WordPress will have you blogging in just minutes. Also with the extensive selection of plugins available at wordpress.org you can quickly and easily customize your WordPress website or blog even further.

Open Source

Literally over 1000’s of developers are freely contributing their time and various skills in order to assist in the support as well as enhancement of the WordPress Engine.

Customizable to your needs.

Though the default functions of WordPress is impressive enough, by utilizing various key plugins you can further increase user experience as well as the overall functionality of your WordPress website.


Why Choose a Custom WordPress Theme?

Stand Out From the Crowd.

Ensure that your website looks like no other by using a Custom Designed WordPress Theme that will help you stand out from the rest.

Continuity of Brand

A customized WordPress Theme allows you create a continual flow from print media to your Online Presence. Incorporate you colour, typography, brand message in order to present yourself in the manner you see fit.

Endless Possibilities

By custom designing your wordpress blog you can open the world of possibilities to endless options. from sidebar control to animated header animations you custom wordpress theme will surely wow your visitors.


Why Choose Warford Designs?

We are experienced.

With over 3yrs of Custom WordPress Theme Designs and over 50 designs created in the last 6mths alone, We are sure to assist you in creating a blog that is both professional and affordable.

We are Creative

Our team of experts always provide an out of the box solution that will make your Online Presence a unique one of a kind masterpiece that will get you noticed by your target market.

We work with you

Warford Designs listens to your needs and is attentive to your desires, involving you in every step of the project to ensure a personalized experience.

We are here to stay.

We have set a precidence in the industry and plan to do so for the years to come in even greater volumes. Our technical support services are second only to our creative professionally custom designed themes.


Recently Developed Custom Branded WordPress Websites



By having a customized WordPress theme designed you can easily change the overall look and feel of your website simply by uploading the .zip file in which we provide.

All WordPress Purchases come with a free User Guide prepared by Warford Designs to assist you in better familiarizing yourself with the WordPress Dashboard. You will see that it is as easy as working with Microsoft Word and writing an email.

We also offer installation services if you would prefer for Warford Designs to handle your transitional stage.

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